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Appfest 2022: The next generation of ironSource innovations
Daniel Godley
Omer Kaplan, CRO, and co-founder of ironSource, spoke at Appfest 2022 on the philosophy behind ironSource’s innovations....
  • ab testing
  • apple search ads
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    • web3
Optimizing custom product pages for your Apple Search Ads search results campaigns
Ziva Shapiro
Custom product pages complete guide for Apple Search Ads search results campaigns At Luna, we’ve seen advertisers accou...
  • apple search ads
Webinar: How to scale up Apple Search Ads' new placements before the holidays
Tune in to hear Matthew Skurnick, Director of Product Growth at ironSource Luna, offer best practices for optimizing per...
  • apple search ads
Case Study
WorldRemit uses ironSource Luna’s Optimization Center to decrease CPA on Apple Search Ads
WorldRemit, WorldRemit
WorldRemit is a remittances provider that enables its customers to securely transfer money to over 130 other countries. ...
  • apple search ads

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How Luna’s integration with Sensor Tower helps you find the right keywords at scale
Yotam Wimmer, Director of Product Management
With 600 million users visiting the App Store each week and an average conversion rate of 50%, Apple Search Ads represen...
  • apple search ads
Best practices and how to optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns
Now, let's dive into how to find the most relevant keywords, choose the best bid, analyze your campaign results, and fin...
  • apple search ads
Getting to know the basics of Apple Search Ads
Tune into Matt Skurnick, Platform Growth Team Leader at ironSource Luna, and learn why Apple Search Ads has become one o...
  • apple search ads
Get discovered: Apple Search Ads
Apple Search Ads has become one of the most important channels for app marketers to reach iOS users. In fact, more than ...
  • apple search ads
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