Case Study
BIGO LIVE scales up efficiently using Luna’s Apple Search Ads solution

BIGO LIVE, a leading global live streaming platform owned by BIGO Technology (BIGO), is a popular Singapore-based app with over 400 million downloads and users from more than 150 countries. BIGO LIVE was looking to scale their Apple Search Ads search results campaigns and chose Luna from Unity as one of their partners. Here, they share how Luna’s comprehensive solution for Apple Search Ads not only helped them find high-performing keywords, but over the course of 6 months, also saved their team considerable time on UA efforts. 

Looking to scale Apple Search Ads activity

The UA team was looking to increase volume on their Apple Search Ads search results campaigns and scale activity. To achieve this goal, they invested a lot of time and effort in discovering new keywords and optimizing existing ones.

"In a matter of months, BIGO LIVE automatically adjusted up to 73,450 bids - increasing their average by more than 2,000 bids per week."

- UA team at BIGO LIVE

Even though they saw good performance, they also needed an efficient solution that would let them reach their goals, but also save them time. That’s when Luna's Apple Search Ads solution came in.

Optimizing towards performance and scale 

The Luna platform offers both rule-based automations and an automated algorithm called the Optimization Center that recommends the best bid price of each keyword to scale or increase campaign performance. 

With the help of the Unity team, BIGO LIVE set up the first few rule-based automations, like changing budgets on bids and moving successful search terms to different ad groups as keywords. Next, the Unity team monitored them and provided relevant suggestions when the rules needed to be adjusted. BIGO LIVE set a high number of rule-based automations, which enabled them to maintain a low CPI. On top of that, the Optimization Center helped BIGO LIVE scale with its algorithm that adjusted their bids daily and optimized their spend on keywords.

They also used Luna’s keyword discovery tool to identify what keywords their competitors were bidding on - giving them insight into new high potential keywords that they could add to their campaigns.   

Saving considerable working hours 

In a matter of months, BIGO LIVE added 6,000 new keywords to their campaign, increased their overall number of keywords by 270% with spend, and automatically adjusted up to 73,450 bids - increasing their average by more than 2,000 bids per week. With Luna’s solution, BIGO LIVE was able to save a lot of time which allowed them to spend more time on boosting other parts of their UA strategy. The team is excited to keep scaling on Apple Search Ads and begin using even more tools available on Luna. 

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