Luna Views

Visualize your data to extract more meaningful insights

Go beyond raw data by customizing your own views and visualizations that let your entire marketing team take action faster

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A dashboard to call your own

Customize your visualizations

No more lengthy calculations or data manipulations – save time and control your data with a library of ready-made widgets, or make your own widgets with 20+ metrics like ROAS, CPC, and CPM

Any creative is less than a click away

Explore how creatives power your UA performance in less than a click – dedicated widgets let you hover over creatives for a glimpse at KPIs and easily keep tabs on every part of your campaigns

Improve accuracy
with fresh data

Luna Views pulls from real-time, unified marketing data so you’re always using the most up to date metrics to inform your actions

Personalize insights for every team member

From creative managers to executives, users in any role can quickly access and visualize the most relevant metrics for their work, like creative performance, ROAS, and average spend

Explore our widgets

Uptrending creatives

Discover which creatives performed best according to a pre-defined KPI

Downtrending creatives

Discover which creatives had the biggest performance drop for a pre-defined KPI

Activity over time

Track performance activity like ROAS or IPM over time

Channel distribution

Review the spend share per marketing channel and see how they compare

Creative testing

Track how tested creatives perform against others

App performance

Track app performance according to pre-defined KPIs you choose

Luna Views

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