Case Study
Alictus uses Luna’s Optimization Center to increase D1 ROAS by 30% on Apple Search Ads

Alictus is a gaming studio based in Turkey that develops chart-topping games including Fade Master, Rob Master, Deep Clean, and more. Berker Nurhan, UA Manager at Alictus, shares how using Luna from Unity’s solution helped scale their Apple Search Ads search results campaigns for their game, Fade Masters 3D, leading to an increase of D1 ROAS by 30%. 

Spending more time efficiently 

We were already running Apple Search Ads search results campaigns, but were spending a lot of time monitoring and adjusting bids. In fact, we were managing Apple Search Ads activity for more than twenty apps, so we knew we wanted to explore new ways to manage our activity more efficiently. We were looking to scale up and maintain D1 ROAS performance, so we needed to find a solution that would automate manual work while still helping us reach our goals. That’s when we decided to use the Luna from Unity solution for Apple Search Ads.  

Better bids and new keywords 

Getting started with Luna was effortless. We quickly integrated our Apple Search Ads and MMP data with the platform - which made it easy to see all of our activity on one dashboard. 

We started boosting our campaigns with Luna’s Optimization Center - an automated algorithm that recommends the best bid price each keyword needs to scale or meet its ROAS target. The platform made it possible to analyze the automations we set with the Optimization Center, and we saw that adjusting our target settings would lead to higher performance. Overall, the Optimization Center was so effective that we allocated over 80% of our game’s budget to be optimized through Luna. 

Using the Optimization Center daily to adjust our bids, we significantly lessened the amount of manual work required from our UA team. We saved so much time with the Optimization Center that we were able to invest more time and resources on other parts of our strategy like optimizing our campaigns on other UA channels and expanding into new geos. 

We also used Luna’s keyword discovery tool to see what keywords our competitors were bidding on. Not only did this tool help us find new high potential keywords, but the platform made it possible to add them straight to our campaigns.  

Increasing D1 ROAS by 30%

With Luna’s Optimization Center, we increased D1 ROAS by 30% in less than 2 months and also increased our spend over 50%. We appreciate how much the Luna team supported us with valuable advice on best practices - which helped us hit our performance goals. We’re looking forward to using Luna’s solution to scale up more in the future.

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