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Easily scale creative production and analyze performance


Visualize and analyze performance in a few clicks

For growth teams

Easily create and manage new campaigns

Reduce the time it takes to set up new social, search, and SDK campaigns – then manage them all in one easy-to-use dashboard

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Make smarter decisions based on comprehensive data

Get into the weeds with granular data-modeling then zoom out to see a high level overview of performance on your personalized dashboard

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Link creatives to campaign performance

Quickly analyze performance to learn which creatives are helping or hurting your campaigns and optimize accordingly – so you can scale up creative testing

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“Our integration relieved our team of tedious and time-consuming data reporting and campaign creation tasks. They easily help us relieve friction and achieve better results in a shorter time.”

Emma Shu, Head of Growth at BeautyPlus

For creative teams

Build more creatives, faster – completely in-house

Stop waiting for ousourced creatives and control the entire production process in-house with tools that make it easy to build, edit, and test playable and video ads at scale

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Manage creatives across your entire portfolio

See which creatives are live, paused, or awaiting approval, generate previews to get feedback from team members, and then immediately export them to any UA channel you want

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Understand what worked, what didn’t, and why

Drill down into creative performance to see how users are interacting with your playables and videos, across dozens of in-ad events – then optimize accordingly

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“We didn’t believe it was possible to find one single solution for creating, managing and optimizing our creatives – only after a while, did we realize it was”

Evgeny Fedin, Marketing Creative Director at AZUR GAMES

For BI teams

Visualize all your data in one place

Aggregate data from 40+ sources and then personalize your dashboard with pivot tables, graphs, and widgets

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Get unique insights with data-modeling

Get asset-level performance data unavailable anywhere else with a unique and accurate data-modeling layer

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Unlock the potential of creative data

Connect performance KPIs to individual creative assets for a better understanding of which creative elements and scenarios work best

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“We’re able to visualize our data across multiple channels and make fast decisions on where to invest. As a growth leader, that gave me time back to focus long-term strategic growth”

Jon Lau, Director of Growth at Weee!

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