Case Study
How Bumble uses Luna to drive data-oriented creative production and scale Apple Search Ads

Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, is built on the importance of empowering women and equitable relationships. Scott Palmer, Director of UA at Bumble, shares how working with Luna from Unity helped them boost their UA activity and increase Apple Search Ads performance. Watch the videos below to learn more.

One dashboard to drive one vision

“Luna gives us a better single source of truth - a dashboard to aggregate across SKAN, MMP, and channel data.”

- Scott Palmer, Director of UA at Bumble

Bridging the gap between creative production and UA

“Luna saves us from having to draw insights from multiple sources where it’s all siloed.”

- Scott Palmer, Director of UA at Bumble

Taking a data driven approach to creative production

“Luna’s creative labeling solution helps assign characteristics and elements to the creative that we can then aggregate and pivot in different ways - to draw insights that we can then feed back to our creative production team.”

- Scott Palmer, Director of UA at Bumble

Boosting Apple Search Ads performance with Luna’s solution

“Luna is pivotal in helping us manage all of our bids and keywords. Through automation, bulk management, and bid optimization - it’s very easy for us to improve Apple Search Ads performance."

- Scott Palmer, Director of UA at Bumble

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