Luna surfaces Apple Search Ads impression share data for smarter, more accurate bidding

Knowing your impression share for Apple Search Ads search terms gives you a clearer picture of your position in the market, enhances your ability to analyze and optimize keyword activity, and lets you make smarter bidding decisions in search results campaigns - especially for brand protection campaigns.

Now, impression share data is available directly on the Luna platform, making it easier to optimize and scale Apple Search Ads search results campaigns. Here’s how:

Get visibility into unique data directly on the platform 

Luna is the only campaign management platform that provides all of the following features

  • Displays impression share data from the Apple Search Ads API together with Apple Search Ads campaign data, MMP, and BI data - all on one dashboard.
  • Surfaces the Apple’s API impression share data on the keyword level (what advertisers are actually bidding on) in addition to search level (what users are actually searching for). Because you can only take action and bid on the keyword level, this data is critical for closing the current data gap.

  • Shows impression share data for country bundles. Luna takes impression share data on each country you’re targeting from your Apple Search Ads report, and aggregates it on a keyword and search level into a single impression share figure. By understanding impression share across multiple countries, rather than per country, it’s easier to know how and where to allocate spend. 
Improve bid performance

Luna is implementing impression share as a new dimension into the Optimization Center, our algorithm that automatically finds and recommends the bid price each keyword needs to increase performance. Adding more data to the algorithm enables the Optimization Center to make smarter bidding decisions - essentially mimicking the decision making process UA managers go through when choosing bids. 

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