How Luna’s integration with Sensor Tower helps you find the right keywords at scale

With 600 million users visiting the App Store each week and an average conversion rate of 50%, Apple Search Ads represent a huge opportunity to scale up installs. The key to unlocking that scale is cracking keyword discovery - both in terms of quantity and quality. By bidding on more keywords, you’re increasing the available supply, and by extension, your potential to scale installs. Meanwhile, by bidding the right keywords, you’re ensuring you’re reaching the most relevant of users - ultimately increasing conversion rates.  

That’s why ironSource Luna and Sensor Tower, one of today’s most successful keyword insights tools, are combining forces to help app marketers with just that. You’ll be able to run keyword and competitor analysis directly on the Luna platform, enabling you to easily find high-performing keywords at scale and then immediately add them to your campaigns.  

Read on to learn more about the role of keyword discovery in scaling campaigns, our partnership with Sensor Tower, and what the new partnership means for your user acquisition strategy.

The challenge in keyword research and optimization today

Likely, your main strategy for discovering new keywords is looking up competitors’ apps one by one on an external intelligence platform and manually exporting the competitor keyword list to a CSV so you can compare them to your own campaigns. However, this approach to keyword discovery makes it difficult to discern whether you’re already bidding on some of those keywords and if so, how they’re performing. In the end, you likely pick out a few from the list to add to your campaigns, missing out on the scale of that long list as well as the quality of some high-potential keywords. 

Beyond keyword discovery, keyword optimization requires constant upkeep. You need to check back in and make adjustments based on dynamic factors, like shifts in user search behavior, updates to the channel, and changes that your competitors make to their campaigns. Though incredibly important, optimization takes more time and resources away from finding new keywords to keep scaling.

One place to analyze and manage keywords with Luna

By integrating Sensor Tower’s keyword discovery platform directly into the Luna platform, you can complete the full cycle of keyword discovery, management, and optimization - all in one place:

  • Review competitor keywords directly against your own campaigns: Get a more comprehensive view of growth opportunities by comparing keywords against multiple competitor apps at once. If you see multiple apps bidding on the same keyword, this could be a high-value term for you, too.
  • Organize keywords by labels to uncover new opportunities: Your campaign data appears side by side with a competitor keyword list so you’re always viewing them in context. Quickly identify new keywords and simplify discovery by seeing which keywords you’re already running with, which are new opportunities, and which are live but not delivering so may require bid adjustments. 
  • See overall traffic score, competitor impression share, and your spend by keyword: Dive deeper into keyword analysis to improve efficiency and make sure you’re putting resources where they’ll make the biggest impact, like increasing your bid on high-traffic keywords that matter to your competitors (and you).
  • Immediately add keywords to existing campaigns: Then, in one click you can add new keywords to existing ad groups and set campaign parameters.


Get started with Sensor Tower for Luna

Getting comprehensive insight into competitor keywords and being able to quickly take action directly from the Luna platform helps you discover new scaling opportunities, see how you stack up against your competitors, and track performance. Then using Luna’s bid optimization algorithm and bulk management capabilities, you can continue improving campaign performance.

From discovery to optimization, the updated Luna platform is a one stop shop for scaling your Apple Search Ads campaigns in a fully automated and seamless way. See the scaling possibilities in action - book a demo of Luna’s solution for Apple Search Ads campaigns.

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