Find the ideal bid every time with Luna Optimization Center for Apple Search Ads

Luna has taken another major step in helping advertisers scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns with the new Optimization Center. The Optimization Center uses an advanced algorithm to find the ideal bid for each keyword according to the advertisers’ KPIs. Now, advertisers can scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns more efficiently than ever before, all while boosting performance.

Managing everything manually - offers, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords - is more than challenging. To help automate the process, many platforms today leverage a coding logic, requiring marketers to set up an “if this, then that” rule set. However, rules can often conflict, making it difficult to scale campaigns. Luna’s solution is algorithmic and dynamic - updating at every moment, it does the heavy lifting for you. 

By choosing the best bids, the Optimization Center takes the labor out of optimization. It gives advertisers time to focus on what matters most - deciding on their bidding strategies, while improving performance. In fact, advertisers have the option to optimize towards many different KPIs in addition to CPT (cost per tap), like ROAS, CPI, and CPA. The bidding automation tool provides full transparency - you can review and approve each bid manually, or go autopilot and let the system do the work.

Luna freed us from spending too much time monitoring and adjusting bids, all while giving us great performance results”

- Emma Shu, User Acquisition Director at Pixocial

With all of these optimization benefits, advertisers leveraging the Optimization Center get the best balance between automation and control. While Luna expertly finds opportunities to scale, advertisers get to sit in the driver’s seat for every decision. Get in touch to start optimizing your Apple Search Ads with Luna. Learn more about our full solution for managing Apple Search Ads here.


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