Case Study
KAYAC ranks #1 for free games in US Google Play Store with Luna

KAYAC is a hyper-casual publisher in Japan, and achieved the highest number of app downloads as a Japanese company in both 2021 and 2022. By using Interactive Templates, KAYAC scaled performance for their game, Number Master. Here, Masaya Murakami, Director of Game Business at KAYAC, shares how producing playables with Luna helped their game rank #1 for free games in multiple countries.

The need for playables

“We know that playable ads have become increasingly important for app marketing and that we’d need them to help us compete in the market. Before Luna, we worked with agencies to produce playable ads - but it was costly and we were only producing an average of one playable over the course of a few months.

"With Luna, we created an interactive ad in just 30 minutes - which really let us scale up production in-house"

- Masaya Murakami, Director of Game Business at KAYAC

Because we weren't getting the results we wanted quickly enough, we created videos with GIF-based HTML end cards in-house instead. However, that didn’t lead to the best performance.

Quantity and quality 

Our goal was to accelerate our production process efficiently without compromising on quality, but we didn't know where to start. Understanding our challenges, the Luna team helped us map out a strategy that would do both. 

With Luna, we could now produce playable ads in a matter of days, not weeks - a huge plus for us. The Luna team introduced us to Interactive Templates, a product with 16 ready-made templates that lets us create playables from existing videos, images or gameplay. In fact, we created an interactive ad in just 30 minutes - which really let us scale up production in-house.

After exporting our playable directly from Luna to the ad networks, we could still go back and fine-tune adjustments - significantly improving the quality of our ads. The turnaround for creating and delivering playable ads was as little as 1-2 days. 

Hitting #1 

Only a couple of weeks after launching the playable ads we made with Luna, Number Master ranked #1 for free games in Google Play stores in multiple countries. Compared to when we only ran video ads, installs increased 3.2x on android and 6x on iOS. We look forward to working together more and exploring other Luna tools to boost performance on our other games.”

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