Case Study
Weee! boosts their UA strategy with Luna

Weee! is an e-grocery platform for ordering fresh Asian and Hispanic groceries on web and mobile. Weee! curates, sources, and delivers fresh Asian and Hispanic groceries to customers coast-to-coast. Their service makes it easy for a user to discover and celebrate great food from cultures around the world at the push of a button.

The challenge

For Weee! creative optimization was a significant challenge. With no clear way to see all their creatives in one place or analyze the performance across channels, the team relied on burdensome pivot tables to pull data from multiple sources to make sense of it all.

The solution

Using Luna’s platform to visualize their creative performance data across channels, Weee! was able to break everything down by campaign, channel, asset, and audience. From here, they could easily identify key performance trends and creative-related risks and opportunities that enabled them to make more informed decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars. 

The results

With the ability to directly act on these opportunities and weaknesses across channels, the team significantly enhanced their overall efficiency, decreasing their campaign management time from 1-2 hours each day down to only 20-30 minutes daily. Using that newfound time, Weee! was able to prioritize even more creative testing and optimization to fuel their explosive growth.

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"With Luna, we were able to visualize our data across multiple channels and make incredibly fast decisions on where to invest our marketing dollars. For myself as the growth leader, that gave me time back that I can focus more on what the long-term strategic growth for this company looks like.”

- Jon Lau, Director of Growth, Weee!


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