Unify the data
across your entire
marketing stack

Connect to 40+ ad sources and MMPs as well as your own BI for the most comprehensive overview of your marketing activity – no coding or SDK integration required.

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Make smarter decisions with personalized data insights

Get a more personalized view of your data on the platform Home Page. Benefit from new insights on your campaign activity with personalized recommendations from Luna experts. Plus, you can also filter for the data points that matter the most to you using Custom Insights – all directly on the dashboard.

Deeply analyze cross-channel marketing activity

Analyze dozens of granular marketing KPIs to attribute every change in performance to the action that caused it – from targeting and bidding adjustments to tweaks in new creatives.

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Learn how creatives impact campaign performance

Go beyond impressions and CTR with a detailed look at how users interact with your creatives, from completion rate to time to engage and user drop off. Get the insights you need to deeply understand the link between creative and campaign performance and then optimize at scale.

Transform keywords into key insights

Tie each keyword and list to the performance KPIs you care about. Understand which keywords are the most effective for every audience and discover new ones with analysis tools for search terms, share of impressions, keyword popularity, suggestions, and much more.

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Taylor Lundgren, UA Director at Ludia

“Right off the bat we had a dashboard with data we could trust, aggregating across multiple channels to get to the root of what was working and what wasn’t – making our team that much more efficient”
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