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Produce unlimited playable and video ad variations


Organize your creative assets and easily export the final versions


Analyze creative data and automatically optimize performance

Produce unlimited creative variations completely in-house

Scale up creative production by easily producing hundreds of playable and video iterations. Simply record gameplay snippets and automatically turn them into compelling video ads, no code necessary – or use our Unity plugin to develop HTML playables in the cloud.

Test, edit, and export your creatives all in one place

Change and test multiple variants like color, speed, game mechanics, and messaging, and then instantly export the final version to any marketing channel you want.

Find your hero creative with deep analysis and optimization

Learn what makes some creatives succeed and others fail with access to dozens of in-ad metrics like drop offs, win percentage, and time to engage. Then let Luna automatically optimize performance with machine learning technology.

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Crystal Guo, Head of User Growth at Higgs Studio

“With their industry-leading technology, Luna gives all advertisers the ability to design high-efficiency and high-quality creatives”

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