Case Study
Zempot leverages Luna’s managed UA services to strengthen app marketing

Zempot is one of the three major Korean companies specializing in social casino games across all platforms, with a mission to create fun games that players globally can enjoy. For their new app, Aquuua Casino, Zempot came to Luna looking for innovative ways to launch successfully. 

From campaign structure planning to creative production, Adela Shin, the Global New-value Game Business Team Lead at Zempot, shares how Luna’s managed UA services helped her team achieve impressive campaign performance. 



 Managed UA services 

“At Zempot, we’re no strangers to launching new apps. But we wanted to get even better results, and increase D7 ROAS for our latest game Aquuua Casino - so we turned to ironSource Luna.

"Not only does the Luna team manage and optimize all our UA campaigns for Aquuua Casino, but they’re also very good at hitting our KPIs  and have expert knowledge in the slot genre"

-  Adela Shin, Global New-value Game Business Team Lead at Zempot

We decided to use Luna’s managed UA services - a full team dedicated to scaling on different UA channels and driving performance with customer success managers, UA leads, and creative production managers. We kicked off our first meeting discussing key KPIs and expectations. From there, they built us a plan completely tailored to what we needed - specifically managing our campaigns across major channels.

Expanded on channels 

To make sure we were setting up the most comprehensive media strategy and to know which channels to try first, we leaned on the Luna team’s knowledge. Luna’s campaign managers built us in-depth media plans for Facebook and Google. They set up all of our campaigns and left us with a deeper understanding of cross channel data, and how much we should budget for our daily and monthly spend.

Not only did the Luna team manage our campaigns, but they gave us weekly, biweekly, and monthly structure updates as well as performance data insights. Together, we brainstormed ideas to achieve better ROAS - from bidding options and in app events, to exploring additional UA channels.

Creative production

Building impactful creatives are really important to us and we put a lot of effort into launching new slot machines with high quality graphics in our app at least once or twice a month. Understanding that, the Luna team worked as an extension of our company - they came up with new creatives for every slot machine we launched, as well as in-app promotions, holidays, and special events. A lot of their ideas were based on industry trends, giving us insight on things we wouldn’t have known otherwise. For example, they gave us a detailed report on most successful creatives, letting us tailor our creatives more effectively.  

Finding our safety net

Since scaling our budget and expanding on other channels with Luna, we’ve hit our main KPI and increased D7 ROAS, which was our main challenge. In fact, with our Google campaign, D7 ROAS increased 30% within a couple of months. We’re motivated by these results and are expanding to new channels like Apple Search Ads and SDK networks with the Luna team’s help. Not only does the Luna team manage and optimize all our UA campaigns for Aquuua Casino, but they’re also very good at hitting our KPIs  and have expert knowledge in the slot genre. Their input on global market strategy is especially valuable for us since our expertise is in the Korean market. 

Learn more about Luna’s managed UA services here.


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