Case Study
WorldRemit uses ironSource Luna’s Optimization Center to decrease CPA on Apple Search Ads

WorldRemit is a remittances provider that enables its customers to securely transfer money to over 130 other countries. WorldRemit came to ironSource Luna to help scale app acquisition channels, including Apple Search Ads. 

Here, Waseem Akram, Senior Growth Manager at WorldRemit, tells us how leveraging Luna’s Optimization Center helped lower Cost Per Action (CPA) between 23% and 42% across dozens of Apple Search Ads campaigns, as well as saving their team significant time and effort. 

A boost with Apple Search Ads 

“We’ve been working with Luna for over a year now, and initially started using their platform to scale our campaigns on social channels. From there, we wanted to branch out to others. 

We know there’s huge value in acquiring high quality users on Apple Search Ads, so we wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to scale there. We were already running Apple Search Ads campaigns but we trusted the Luna team to help improve efficiency. Our goal was to lower CPA, but more importantly, we were looking to save time. That’s when they introduced us to Luna’s Optimization Center.

Luna’s Optimization Center 

First, the Luna team gave us a comprehensive introductory session on the Optimization Center. The Optimization Center is an algorithm that automatically finds the optimal bid for each keyword - so we’re not overpaying for low quality keywords and underpaying for high quality ones. It offers each bid as a recommendation that we can accept or reject. 

"Our goal was to lower CPA, but more importantly, we were looking to save time. That’s when they introduced us to Luna’s Optimization Center"

- Waseem Akram, Senior Growth Manager at WorldRemit

They gave us a number of optimization tips, and helped us establish an initial strategy where we set goals for different Apple Search Ads campaign types and the frequency of the optimizations. 

Once the Optimization Center was activated, we were able to create a huge distribution of bids at keyword level that wouldn’t have been possible manually. The Luna team gave us some best practices on leveraging high-potential keywords, and helped us divide campaigns to eliminate overlap.

Improving performance and saving time

Not only did the Optimization Center help lower CPA on multiple campaigns ranging from 23% to 42%, but since the tool automatically finds the optimal bid, we also saved time and effort. We’re a small team, so any extra hours we get to focus our attention on other areas of UA strategy are extremely valuable. With the Optimization Center, we saved 42 hours monthly - a huge plus for us.  

We’re really encouraged by these results and also appreciate that the Luna team continues to be with us every step of the way. They sit with us on a weekly basis and inform us about new and relevant features, provide deep insights on our campaigns, advise on budgeting, and are always open to improving collaboration”. 

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