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How Rovio scaled up in-house playable production to increase revenue 16%

“Putting together stunning creatives with Luna is incredible; it almost feels like cheating. We can turn any top performing video asset into an engaging interactive creative in a matter of minutes on top of creating rich playables in Unity with our developer - it’s definitely a game changer.” - Jeremy Widdowson, Performance Marketing Manager at Rovio

The company

Rovio is the Nordic game company behind the global hit game, Angry Birds. Founded in 2003, the team has grown to include 20 studio locations across the world. With their 52nd game, Angry Birds, launched in 2009, Rovio catapulted to global fame - within a few years they achieved 40 billion downloads across their game portfolio. 

Now as a leading game studio, the team at Rovio is always looking for ways to improve, especially when it comes to producing more, high-quality playable ads. Enter: Luna’s playable creation tools. Hear from ​​Jeremy Widdowson, Performance Marketing Manager at Rovio, about his experience using Luna to put creative production into high gear and increase revenue on the Unity network by 16%. 

Playables before Luna

Early on, our team recognized how impactful playable ads were for our games, and we had many ideas for different iterations and concepts. However, turning those ideas into high-quality, engaging playables at rapid speed was difficult. 

Bringing creative production in-house to start scaling  

We first adopted Luna Playable into our creative workflow, which let us build playables using our existing game assets. With a dedicated developer on our side who was familiar with Luna technology, we set up our game Angry Birds Dream Blast in Unity and began producing playables internally. By giving our UA and design teams a dedicated in-house developer whose role was to create playables with Luna, they were able to shift their attention to iterating and optimizing without sacrificing quality in another part of our operation. This ultimately reduced our internal workload as a whole, enabled us to scale up playable production, and empowered our UA team with the time and flexibility to iterate on more playables - all with greater autonomy. 

We streamlined our creative process further with Luna Playground, an easy-to-use interface, where we could create, edit, and export playable ads all in one place. Within Playground, our UA team identified top video creatives then effortlessly turned those into high-quality playable ads and tracked performance. 

For our entire team, using Playable and Playground made the end-to-end creative process easier to manage while yielding more effective results. Plus, working with Luna was a highly collaborative and rewarding experience - they regularly offered insights and feedback to improve creative performance.

“The folks at Luna have been absolutely awesome to work with. They’ve gone the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that we create the best playable ad possible, in the most fun way possible.”

- Jeremy Widdowson, Performance Marketing Manager at Rovio

Boosting impressions by 56% and revenue by 16%

The results proved that our creative strategy at Rovio benefited from using Luna. We saw a 56% increase in impressions after launching the playable for Dream Blast - all while net revenue increased an impressive 16% on Unity. As these KPIs prove, the playable reached the high-quality users who were engaged enough to generate a significant amount of revenue. 

We plan to use Luna for more of our games and look forward to seeing how much we can boost playable performance with the platform.

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