Case Study
Pixocial improves creative performance across channels with Luna

Pixocial is a leading Singaporian company that develops photo and video editor apps. To expand and grow their user base in the most efficient way possible, Pixocial searched for ways to manage their marketing data more easily. Here, Emma Shu, the Head of Growth at Pixocial, shares her experience using ironSource Luna to improve creative performance.

Analyzing performance with a creative audit

We knew that focusing on the right creative insights would help us understand how to improve our creative performance - but we were spending a lot of time analyzing campaign and creative data, finding it difficult to know where to focus our attention. 

The team at Luna understood that creative analysis was a priority for us, and that we were looking to better understand our UA performance. With that in mind, Luna ran a creative audit to show us how we could better optimize our creatives. 

"Now, our UA team can easily see the data that’s important to us"

- Emma Shu, Head of Growth at Pixocial

The Luna team analyzed our creative performance over 2 months. First, they asked us what our main KPIs were. Then, based on that, they helped us get started with Luna’s labeling feature so we could make correlations between elements within our creatives and their impact on performance - for example, creatives that share a certain element perform better than creatives that don’t. Being able to succinctly analyze all relevant elements of our creatives in detail through the labels, now inspires the next creatives we build. 

Next, the Luna team set us up with custom dashboards on Luna Views, so we could visualize our marketing performance. On our dashboard, we added different widgets according to our KPI requirements. Luna Views provided great ready-made templates, but we really appreciated that we were able to customize the content of the widgets if we wanted to. Now, our UA team can easily see the data that’s important to us, like SKAN usage, creative label analysis and creative vs. media spend, and make decisions for future creatives based on real performance. 

Taking it into our own hands 

The Luna labeling and dashboard features in the Control Center gave us the insights we needed to test a variety of creatives based on data recommendations. Specifically, we played with different creative sizes, dimensions, and formats, finding great performance with video creatives. In fact, we decided to conduct monthly review meetings on creative analysis so we can continue to optimize our user acquisition. Since the audit, our creative performance and in turn our user acquisition campaigns have improved significantly." 

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