Case Study
How Luna helped Miniclip scale creative production across their game studios

Miniclip is a leader in multiplayer games, reaching over 250M users each month across the globe. Their extensive games portfolio has acquired over 3 billion downloads to date from hits like 8 Ball Pool™, Golf Battle™, and Football Strike™. 

Jonathan Winters, Director of Performance Marketing at Miniclip, shares his experience working with Luna to bring their internal and external creative teams together to work from one easy platform and boost playable performance.

Separate teams, separate creative processes

As a marketing director, I work with internal and external creative teams for each of our subsidiary development studios, and each of them use different engines to design ads. We always aim for scalable creative production, which is a challenge because different channels and platforms have their own requirements. 

Over the years, it was clear how difficult it was to get creatives from each of these different platforms launched across all of the major ad networks - and the pace of creative production varied per team, per game. Playable ads were an especially large challenge to produce because they required complex coding, and we needed to create many different versions. I saw there was room to improve our creative collaboration and the speed in which we designed and iterated on playables.

Building a cohesive creative team and scaling production

Specifically, I thought that all of our creative teams could benefit from a centralized creative platform that streamlined their workflow and let them export creatives easily to all major ad networks. This solution would reduce our operational workload and improve collaboration across the widespread teams.

So we started using Luna. While there was some work needed to set everything up, soon each team had easy access to a tool that let them create high-quality playables and iterate on them more quickly to find the winning creative set for games like Golf Battle and 8 Ball Pool. We also created playables from our video creatives so they felt more authentic and cohesive, which helped boost performance. 

Now, we have a much more efficient way of creating playable ads across our portfolio compared to previous years. 

“Luna Elements has been effortless to use. We’ve been able to significantly increase our monthly creative output for all of our titles." 

- Gabi Castellan - VP User Acquisition & ASO, Ilyon

Achieving 2 million impressions

Many of the playables we designed with Luna played a big part in scaling our UA - one that stood out was made by our studio, Ilyon. They used Luna Elements to design playables for their game Cubes Empire Champions that achieved over 2 million impressions, continue to drive scale, and outperformed the video ads they launched before Luna that don’t include an interactive creative. 

It doesn’t matter which creative studio is working on the ads or what the game is - the Luna platform is a one-stop-shop for creative production that’s making it easy for anyone in Miniclip to design high-performing playables.

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