Case Study
Game publisher FunPlus optimizes campaigns with deep creative insights from ironSource Luna

FunPlus is a game development company headquartered in Switzerland and with offices around the globe, partnered with ironSource Luna to optimize campaigns for the hit game State of Survival. The FunPlus team searched for an analytics solution that integrated with their MMP and internal BI system while providing granular insights into UA performance.

Hear from Johnny Ren, UA Facebook Team Head at FunPlus, about their experience using Luna Control to dive deeper into their creative performance across channels and extract valuable insights for optimization.

Managing multi-channel data

"Here at FunPlus, we’ve always recognized the importance of creatives for reaching and retaining high-quality users. But setting up, managing, and optimizing our different campaigns across channels required a lot of manual adjustments from our team. We believed our creative performance had room to improve, and we wanted to explore what these opportunities were. So we searched for a platform that could let us analyze, manage, and optimize all of our campaigns in one place - and connect with our existing BI system and MMPs so we could get a more comprehensive view of UA performance.

Comparing and improving creative elements with labels

The ironSource Luna Control team ran a creative audit, which allowed us to understand how our creatives were performing and where there was room for optimization. During the process, the team designed a label structure on the platform including high-level categories (e.g. scene location) and variations, like cafe and countryside. This gave us full visibility into how each feature impacted performance so we could make decisions based on real data. For example, an opening scene (that’s the high level category) showing “man and woman together” (that’s the drilled-down label) had a higher IPM and ROAS than showing “man” or “woman” separately. With this insight, we knew to design more creatives featuring the male and female characters together.

The labeling system also improved campaign setup as a whole. It showed us the potential of each element within our creatives - and which should be avoided.  Plus, the Luna team broke down the labels by OS so we could tailor campaigns and maximize performance on both Android and iOS. We then used these insights to inform our creative production, utilizing the labels to make data-driven creative briefs and test new concepts with the top-performing elements revealed on the platform.

Getting visibility into campaign performance on each channel

Using Luna Control gave us insights into campaign performance on a higher level, too, like comparing SKAN vs. non-SKAN activity. In particular, we found it very helpful to access performance metrics of our Facebook Advantage+ App (also known as Automated App Ads) campaigns. Before using Luna Control, we couldn’t get access to our metrics easily on a granular level because the platform only provides reporting on aggregated performance on the ad level. But Luna has its own algorithm that lets us see how our automated Facebook campaigns performed on the ad set, ad, and creative levels - which allowed us to get deeper insights in the marketing performance.

Comparing our campaigns across channels in one place lets us spot potential weak points, along with opportunities for scaling. In the past, we had to log into each channel, like our social platforms then our network partners, to analyze each campaign one by one. But when we saw all the data in front of us in a single place, we could extract insights faster and easier. For example, we quickly learned that video creatives of 30-35s and showing 3-5 scenes have the highest IPM on iOS.

Empowerment and improvement through data

We were very impressed with the level of detail, ease of use, and actionable takeaways we get from Luna Control. With all of our campaign data in one place and access to deeper insights, we’ve seen a measurable increase in performance.

"With all of our campaign data in one place and access to deeper insights, we’ve seen a measurable increase in performance."

- Johnny Ren, UA Facebook Team Head at FunPlus

The Luna team was also eager to provide us with best practices and tips to improve our creative production - we quickly integrated their feedback to streamline this process. Using just one platform, we can manage and optimize campaigns across channels much more efficiently, accurately, and easily.


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