Case Study
ABI drives over 34M impressions and speeds up playable production using Luna

ABI is a Vietnam-based mobile game studio that’s ranked among the top 10 major game companies in Southeast Asia. Their games including Galaxy Attack and Metal Squad Shooting have achieved over 400 million downloads. 

To scale their titles, ABI’s UA team focused mainly on designing and running video creatives. However, to gain a competitive advantage and drive more scale for their latest game Red Bounce Ball Heroes, they aimed to ramp up production of playable ads. Hear from Phuong Luong, UA Executive at ABI about her experience using Luna to design high-quality playable ads at scale that achieved over 34 million impressions for their game.

Ramping up from 7 interactive creatives per month 

Our team is always keeping up with the latest trends, so we recognize the growing importance of playables for driving scale - not only because interactivity is more engaging for the end user, but because deep in-ad metrics mean more data for us to optimize our UA campaigns. Video creatives are still an important part of our creative sets, but we wanted to start focusing on designing and testing playable ads. 

However, playable production at ABI would often take a long time, because it was a coding-heavy process that used a lot of time and resources. We didn’t have an internal developer so we’d have to outsource everything, which resulted in the following stages for production: our creative manager came up with the playable concept, sent it to the outsourcer, requested edits as needed, then finally the UA manager reviewed and approved the playable. Under this procedure, we created two playables and five interactive end cards (IECs) each month.

Additionally, instead of optimizing other parts of our operation, we were getting bogged down by the resources and time spent on designing playables. We needed a solution to boost our playable production speed that was easy to use.

Streamlining the creative workflow

Eventually, we decided to hire creative developers and move all of our creative production in-house, which felt much easier with Luna. They oversaw our entire onboarding process and provided us with tips and best practices to get the most out of the solution. They also helped our in-house developers design playables with Luna Playable, a solution that integrates our game code directly into Unity to quickly create and iterate unlimited versions of playables. 

“The Luna team really helped us utilize their advanced technology and make our creative workflow more efficient and simple.”

- Phuong Luong, UA Executive at ABI 

Our UA team benefitted from Luna, too - we were able build playables without any coding using Elements. Before, our creative workflow required the creative manager, external programmer, and UA manager to design and approve playables. Now, we produce playables in-house and our UA team has more autonomy and capability to design and test playables. All of this has led to greater efficiency across our teams - we were only producing 7 interactive creatives each month in the past, but now we’re creating and testing 20 per month on average.

Earning 6x more impressions and 12x more installs

Using Luna, we created 8 interactive creatives for Red Bounce Ball Heroes - a mix of playables and IECs. The creative sets we made with Luna significantly outperformed the creative sets that only included video and images, with 6x higher impressions and 12x more installs on iOS. So far, we’ve achieved over 36M impressions for our game so far with an average engagement rate nearly 74% and click-through rate over 42%.

Making creative production more efficient allows us to dedicate time and resources to other parts of our operation. Also, our UA and creative teams now have more autonomy and we’re able to create playables that drive performance and scale.

“With Luna, we can focus more on other tasks and save time that we can dedicate towards optimizing our profit.”

- Phuong Luong, UA Executive at ABI

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