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Find high potential keywords, deeply analyze campaign results, and automatically optimize bids with Luna, the all-in-one marketing platform that’s empowering app and game businesses to improve performance, efficiently.

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Designed to take your Apple Search Ads campaigns to the next level

Suite of campaign management tools tailor-made to complement Apple Search Ads Advanced
One dashboard to unify all your data: from channel to MMP, internal BI, and keyword intelligence
Built-in keyword discovery and smart bidding to help you scale performance while decreasing your workload

Give your campaigns a boost with Luna

Apple Search Ads analytics

Take a deeper dive into performance

See the full funnel by unifying data from your Apple Search Ads campaigns, MMP, and internal BI system. Then analyze keyword and custom product page performance, track impression share, and optimize your campaigns towards KPIs, like ROAS, CPI, and CPA.

Keyword discovery

Find new, high quality keywords at scale

Identify new keywords and seamlessly integrate them into your Apple Search Ads campaigns, all on the Luna platform. Our partnership with Sensor Tower, a leading app intelligence platform, recommends high potential keywords that’ll make an impact on scale. Then make smart decisions based on impression share, keyword ranking, and bid status.

Apple Search Ads campaign optimization

Scale up with automated bids

Luna’s Optimization Center algorithm automatically finds and recommends the bid price each keyword needs to scale – so you can save time and increase efficiency. Plus, you can review every recommendation for more control.

Advanced keyword management

Manage ad operations in bulk

Boost efficiency and save valuable time on your ad ops by managing bids, keywords, and campaigns in bulk, with a suite of tools layered on top of Apple Search Ads Advanced.

Mobile marketing experts are choosing Luna

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Pixocial scales Apple Search Ads campaigns with Luna, lowering CPA 24%

“We knew we needed to find an Apple Search Ads solution that would automate a lot of the manual work and still let us hit our performance goals.”

Emma Shu, Head of Growth at Pixocial

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Playstudios achieves higher D7 ROAS for Apple Search Ads than any other channel

“Luna has been a great asset for our global explanation. Their app marketing platform helped streamline our campaign launch, visualization, and performance management. With Luna, we’ve scaled up to our highest Apple Search Ads spend to date.”

Andrew Bolich, User Acquisition Analyst at Playstudios

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Playlinks cuts Apple Search Ads CPI by 70% and increases ROAS 2x

“Apple Search Ads is a crucial channel to master for iOS marketing, and working with a platform, like Luna, that could provide these kinds of tools and expertise was a major key to success.”

Hany Jang, UA Manager at PLAYLINKS

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WorldRemit decreases CPA on Apple Search Ads

“Once the Optimization Center was activated, we were able to create a huge distribution of bids at keyword level that wouldn’t have been possible manually.”

Waseem Akram, Senior Growth Manager at WorldRemit

What sets Luna apart

Apple Search Ads Partner
10+ years of app marketing experience
Key player in the App Economy
One platform to manage all paid channels
Machine learning bidding algorithms
Support for US, EMEA and APAC markets

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